About Us

A prestigious life in Pendik with a view of the Islands…

Now close your eyes and imagine a city with the best views of the world. The turquoise color of the sea, the indescribable tranquility of the turquoise, the warm orange of the sunset, the smell of the wind blowing from the sea, the unique view of the islands lined up like pearls…

ADA MANZARA is waiting for you to realize the life you always dreamed of.

ADA MANZARA has been carefully completed in Pendik, one of Istanbul’s fast-growing and valued districts, and captures all of the islands that are Büyükada, Sedef, Heybeli, Burgas and Kinali. As the sea view will never disappear, it offers the guarantee of winning in both investment and residence.

The advantages of its unique location are countless. It has an unobstructed space in front of it. As it offers a wide shore view, its geographical structure will not allow any other project in front of it to assure your privacy.

In ADA MANZARA, your life does not have any curtains, and your view is just islands and the sea…

ADA MANZARA’s interiors, shops and streets, which are prepared by our interior designer and designed with great care in every detail, will make your social life easier as well.

You will feel safe with earthquake-resistant construction and quality materials at ADA MANZARA. It promises a warm and comfortable life with a location advantage, spacious and modern design, as well as social areas.

ADA MANZARA is an opportunity to seize with its proximity to Sabiha Gökçen Airport…

ADA MANZARA, which has the highest rising value in the Pendik real estate index, stands out with its benefit of 40 apartments and 20 street shops, offering both suitable maturity dates and suitable credit facilities.

ADA MANZARA, which distinguishes itself from all other projects in the region with its horizontal architecture, provides terrace comfort on every floor and offers easy transportation with its location close to metro. All these privileges turn both the apartments and street shops into profitable investment opportunities.

ADA MANZARA, which is ready to be lived in, is waiting for distinguished property owners and corporate companies with immediate title deeds, turnkey apartments suitable for loans, and street shops.

Make up your mind today and welcome the New Year at ADA MANZARA with its magnificent view.

Your own ADA MANZARA is waiting for you to realize the life you always dreamed of.

We invite you to our sales office to talk about your own ADA MANZARA where you will be sipping your coffee at sunset, in a location beyond comparison, with a unique and never-to-be obstructed view.